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Please email the CMAP webmaster [cmapweb@nypirg.org] if you have questions or comments regarding the CMAP website.

CMAP Web Credits

CMAP’s new website is the result of several months of planning and development. Last year, CMAP received a small grant from the Fund for the City of New York to revise our web presence to provide New York’s nonprofit community with easier access to information about how our mapping services can assist their work. CMAP hired the web development firm Jasper Design [www.jasperdesign.com], who led us through a series of “content planning” and “information design” workshops and discussions. This several-month review and analysis of our mission and services led to a set of recommendations regarding the look and substance of a new website.

CMAP’s Christy Knight used this template plus other graphic ideas developed by NYPIRG’s web designer Li Howard to completely redesign CMAP’s website. The CMAP team participated closely in the process, and we’ve developed a web presence that we hope achieves the goal of making it easier for our client groups to make better use of our services. We’ve added more useful descriptions of what we do and how we can help you, updated our selection of sample maps, provided an easy way to experience our interactive maps (right from our homepage), and included better explanations of the data sets that we use to make your maps.

We welcome your suggestions on how we can continue to improve our materials. Contact us with your ideas. [cmapweb@nypirg.org]

The CMAP Team