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How to request a customized map from CMAP
Please consider the following before submitting a request for CMAP's services.
If you know what kind of maps you want or would like to know how to submit a request for CMAP's services:  Click Here.
Consider your goals: how will maps or geocoded data help you in your nonprofit work? Maps can be powerful at communicating trends, revealing geographic concentrations, highlighting areas of need based on demographics, and more. Do you need maps to explain outcomes to a funder, or help educate your board, or persuade a public official, or supplement public testimony?
You may not need a map: sometimes CMAP helps our clients without making maps at all.  Instead, we use our computer mapping software to analyze your data based on geography.  For example, we can assign geographic coordinates to a table of street addresses, and then determine the exact legislative districts (or school districts, police precincts, etc.) in which those sites are located.  Or, we can determine how close they are to transit stops, or other facilities, or population centers.  See our data guidelines to learn how to format your data so CMAP can analyze it spatially. 
Geographic scope: local vs. citywide vs. regional vs. statewide vs. nationwide and beyond, or a combination of these regions.
Map content: if you want us to portray specific site locations on the map, here are some issues to consider:
  • Will different types of sites require different symbols?
  • Will these symbols need to be different sizes or colors based on each site’s unique characteristics?
  • Will each symbol need to be labeled on the map (with an ID number that corresponds to a separate table listing detailed information about each site, or with the actual site name)?
  • If you need to show regions, districts, or boundaries shaded with different colors, remember that it’s never easy to include more than one type of district on the same map. Separate maps are usually better, one for each type of district.
Available data: most of our clients use data that CMAP already includes in our mapping system. If you need us to portray data that you will provide, remember to ask us for our data guidelines.
Color vs. Black & White: color maps are easier for us to produce, but black & white may be necessary if you will copy the maps on your own.
Size: Remember that map scale and size will impact what can be portrayed (eg., street detail can’t be shown legibly on an 8 ” x 11” map of New York State).
  • Small graphic images for reports; or
  • 8 ” x 11” for handouts or inserting into a report; or
  • 11” x 17” or larger (up to 3’ x 4’) for display or meetings.
Map descriptions: Let us know if you require any special descriptive text, logos and/or color schemes for your maps. We may not be able to accommodate every request, but we will discuss any particular mapping needs you have before finalizing your maps.
Extra copies: we can print a small number of copies of your map(s), up to 20 or so copies, but for larger runs you’ll need to arrange separately with a printer or copy shop.

Here’s how to request our services:
  1. Visit our online map request form ( to submit a request to CMAP and we'll get back to you with more information regarding your request.
    -- OR --
    Contact us by phone (212-349-6460) or email ( and we’ll explain our services.
  2. If you need to know more, we’ll mail you an information packet.
  3. We recommend meeting with you, in-person or by phone, to discuss your project in detail and show you sample maps from other projects.
  4. After meeting with you, we’ll prepare an estimate for your project, and once you sign and return it to us (fax is ok) we can begin creating your maps.
  5. What will it cost? It depends … click here to find out.

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