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Check back regularly to see what new information has been made available at this site. Please feel free to email CMAP (cmap@nypirg.org) if you have questions regarding the 2000 Census or feedback about this web resource. Use the links below to find out more:

The full range of 2000 Census results have been released for New York State, providing more than a thousand different ways of looking at each neighborhood, town, borough, and county in the state. Data for all 50 states and the District of Columbia is now available.

Many of the population and housing characteristics in the 2000 Census can be cross-referenced based on age, gender, race/ethnicity, ancestry, or household composition. All Census data can be portrayed geographically with maps showing patterns from one area to the next, concentrations and disparities, and comparisons over time and with other data sets.

NYPIRG's Community Mapping Assistance Project (CMAP) has created the following documents to help you decide what Census information will be most helpful for your organization. Important note: there is no one Census data table that contains all the data related to, for example, the youth population. These documents will help you figure out what data is available for the population you're interested in.:

Data for a Type of Demographic
Education & Youth
Health & Disabilities
Housing & Homeless
Immigration & Ethnicity
Labor & Employment
Senior Citizens
Examples for a Type of Organization
Nonprofit Consultants

Ask CMAP (cmap@nypirg.org) how the Census data can be mapped to best suit your needs.