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Computer mapping has changed the way people visualize data, enabling them to make important decisions based on new ways of seeing patterns and trends. But this powerful technology – called a geographic information system (GIS) – can involve a steep learning curve, expensive software, and complicated datasets. NYPIRG’s Community Mapping Assistance Project solves this problem by providing affordable access to maps and spatial analysis for nonprofit organizations so these groups do not have to purchase the software and analyze the datasets on their own. Our maps are powerful and our fees are affordable.

CMAP’s mission is to strengthen nonprofit, philanthropic, and public service organizations by providing affordable access to computer mapping and other data visualization technologies.

We launched CMAP in 1997 as a venture of the New York Public Interest Research Group Fund, Inc. (NYPIRG) , New York State’s largest environmental and consumer research and advocacy organization. CMAP helps further NYPIRG’s goals of helping to inform the general public concerning topics such as consumer protection, social justice, the environment, and government reform

CMAP has provided mapping services since 1997 to more than 300 organizations, helping these groups to educate policymakers, board members, and the media; illustrate reports and outreach materials; secure funding; and provide interactive access to information about health care, the environment, transit, education, and more over the Internet.